Dogs Journey Home

Dogs Journey Home is a Dog rescue that is located in Wasilla Alaska. We currently have 26 dogs only 3 of which are still on chains. The rest are inside and getting groomed and socialized. Our goal is to find loving homes for many of these dogs and finish construction of our new facilities. We still have a lot of work to do on the building but it is coming along and I really appreciate all of the people that consider adopting one of these dogs. Thank you.

There will be no more dogs outside or on chains this winter. That has been 4 years in the making:

Our old kennel in Willow Alaska


Adoptable Dogs




Shiva is a very compassionate six year old fixed boy. He is house trained and ready for a new life with a loving companion


Chena is a 4 year old fixed boy. He is a little shy and kind of territorial but once he gets to know you he is a real sweet heart. He would do well with someone who had time to spend with him. He seams to be very smart and would do well with some different kinds of training that would challenge him and make him feel rewarded.